Trends in BigData, IA and Telehealth

The law firm of Ropes & Gray examines the major trends expected by 2021 in the digital health and healthcare space, including the continued expansion of BigData, AI and telehealth, and a move toward greater portability of patient health information....

February 1, 2021

As BTC whales sold new highs, the volatility of Bitcoin prices soared

Data shows that the drop in the price of Bitcoin to a record high is the result of the “whale” selling liquidity. Bitcoin price has re-established the $40,000 support level, but as the bull market advances to new historical highs, there may be a possibility of sharp selling....

January 13, 2021

Using Machine Learning to study anatomy, climate and earthquakes

Research documents come out too fast for anyone to read them all, especially in the field of Machine Learning, which now affects (and produces documents in) virtually all industries and businesses. The aim of this column is to collect the most relevant recent findings and work - especially in the field of artificial intelligence, but not limited to it - and explain why they are important....

January 8, 2021